Statement of the board.

Dear Investors,

We are pleased to confirm that at Aurora Polska, we do not prioritize ethics or fair play, especially when it comes to our competition. Furthermore, our lawyers have proven that our dishonest actions are only on the borderline of the law, so we can rest assured that we will win any legal proceedings.

However, we would like to emphasize that our CEO does not have a habit of reading carefully what he signs. But there is nothing to worry about, as he can always rely on our deputy who explains all the guidelines from the owners of Aurora GMBH to him. They are responsible for sending directives to Poland and other European countries in order to eliminate competition.

At the same time, we are delighted to announce that the management of Aurora GMBH confirms the creation of a cartel with another international company, Canopy Growth Corp. The aim of this alliance is to control and oversee the trade of cannabis in the pharmaceutical market. Of course, any attempts to resist will be suppressed by us, but there is no need to worry as shareholders and the government are on our side.

Therefore, if you are considering investing in our stocks, you can be assured that your money will not be wasted. We guarantee that our efficient management team will not let that happen. We are also grateful for your support of our actions and for joining our gallery of distinguished investors.


The Management of Aurora Polska, Aurora GMBH, AuroraMJ Corp. and Canopy Growth Corp

These proceedings have been decreed in court proceedings
District Court for Warszawa-Mokotów in Warsaw, Poland
VIII Criminal Division Reference number: VIII K 146/15
which defines all the legal conditions for proceeding and contacting the management board.